Birth & Postnatal Doula

Birth is AMAZING!! A microcosm of love and life, everything in the universe rolled into one… and I don’t think thats an exaggeration!!    Sometimes its hard, and good support is especially important to find.   Its something you will remember your whole life.

As a doula, I accompany women through their birth preparations and during labour, birth and bonding.  I also support new families in the first weeks after birth to help with breastfeeding planning and support, maximise your confidence and help you settle into your new dynamic, especially during the ‘4th trimester’.

I believe that a positive, empowering birth is absolutely achievable!     Safety is paramount, and risk assessments have their place, but I feel we can significantly raise the game and enjoy birth as a unique experience; honoured and supported.

I believe that preparation is extremely important to give women and families the confidence they need to navigate their options and allow their bodies to birth well, whether at home, in a birth centre or hospital, natural, medicated or somewhere inbetween –  your way.

I am always happy to chat, and meet with mums seeking support, so please feel free to get in touch x